Bali Padda

Actor | Producer | Diversity

Bali Padda - Actor | Producer | Development Executive | Diversity. Sydney, Australia.

Indian-origin actor advocating for diversity on Australian screen and stage

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Bali Padda is an Indian-origin actor, producer, and director who is a passionate advocate for cultural and gender diversity on Australian screen and stage. 

By Amit Sarwal

Recently, sixteen creatives from across Australia have been selected to come to Sydney for the three-day intensive workshop. ‘Seeing Ourselves: Developing the Developer’ workshop has been designed to give professionals from diverse backgrounds greater access to the screen sector, reports Screen Australia. The list of successful applicants includes Bali Padda.

Bali is a proud first-generation Australian whose parents migrated to Australia in the 1970s. His father is a pioneer Sikh granthi who established a Gurudwara in Western Sydney. Bali says his passion for acting lead to work on stage and screen. “I am firmly committed to ensuring that our Australian stories are a true representation of contemporary Australia, in all its diversity,” he adds. He is today a well-known actor, producer, and director based in Sydney.

Bali says “My endeavour is to ensure diversity and inclusion becomes a strong focus for the arts & entertainment industry in Australia.”

He is currently developing a new, inclusive children's TV drama and is creating a slate of diverse and engaging TV, film and theatre projects. 

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